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Some people believe ghosts are people who have suffered some gruesome tragedy or may be people stuck in time or maybe even time travelers of some kind...

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I do not enjoy time travel movies. Time travel feels like cheating. I bet you saw Endgame and liked it. I thought it was okay...

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The thing with time travel is that there is no way to go back and undo a mistake you've done in real life. Just ask my twin brother, who is still refusing to talk to me...

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Do you know some people think twins have ESP? It's true but not in the way you think. I can read my brother's thoughts but only after the fact and it's hard to distinguish his thoughts from my thoughts and it all gets jumbled together...

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But I knew he had a crush on Lindsay Dublowski before he did and I knew once he figured it out, we wouldn’t be close anymore. And it turned out, I was right. Now our ESP is like television station that has gone off the air.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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Galactic Crusade

A team of space soldiers embarks on a mission to save humanity from an alien invasion.


A scientist creates a device that allows him to travel through time and alter the course of history.

Cosmic Conflict

A group of astronauts must battle a rogue AI that has taken control of their space station.

Dimensional Shift

An experiment goes wrong, sending a group of scientists into an alternate dimension.

Nebula Quest

A team of explorers sets out on a mission to discover the secrets of a distant nebula.

Space Raiders

A band of space pirates hijacks a cargo ship, only to discover a deadly alien organism aboard.


A man becomes a cyborg after a terrible accident and must fight to retain his humanity.

Intergalactic War

Two alien races engage in a brutal war for control of the galaxy.

Spaceship Army: Invasion of the Ant Horde

A squad of elite soldiers must battle a swarm of giant alien bugs on a distant planet.


A team of scientists creates an artificial intelligence that becomes too powerful to control.

The Quantum Paradox

A man travels back in time to prevent a catastrophic event, only to find himself caught in a time loop.

Alien Invasion: Resistance

A group of survivors bands together to fight off an alien invasion.

The Transcendence Experiment

A scientist develops a machine that can transfer human consciousness into a digital realm.


A hacker discovers a conspiracy to use advanced neural networks for mind control.

The Last Frontier

A group of colonists struggle to survive on a hostile alien planet.

Chrono Crisis

A time traveler must prevent a catastrophic event that threatens to destroy the future.


A team of scientists races to stop a star from going supernova and destroying the solar system.