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Romantic Comedies

Hopeless romantic? Hilarious clown? Two great tastes that taste great together.

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Hey Romeo, Juliet just checked this out for the Capulet family reunion, best find a new one.

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Come here often? Maybe you should, because you keep missing out on these rentals. I bet you'll get lucky with one more.

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Did you ever see Time After Time starring the original Superman Christopher Reeves? This was before his famous horseback-riding accident. No, this movie was recommended by my boss, Mr. Higgland, who said it was the greatest time travel movie of all time. But really it is a love story about a man who uses a magic watch to go back in time. I do not remember much other than people wearing fancy British old-time clothes. Boring...

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Apparently they found the remains of some British soldier when they were building this store and he had a letter and locket among his belongings, and the letter was written to some woman he was engaged to, but when you opened the locket the woman’s face had been worn away, like both of them had faded together into eternity...

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I have seen how love or lust has changed my brother and I don’t want any part of that.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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It's not your night, loverboy. Maybe try something more Family-friendly.

The Matchmaker's Plan

A matchmaker falls for the person she is trying to set up with someone else.

Chairman of My Heart

A hard-working employee falls for her tough boss who is hiding a softer side.

L Train to Loveville

Two strangers meet and fall in love while exploring a new city.

I Planned For This

A wedding planner has to choose between her career and her own love life.

My Neighbor's Secret

A woman falls for her mysterious and secretive neighbor.

Love: Venti, Vanilla, Two Pumps

A barista falls in love with a customer who always orders the same drink.

I Mean, It's Paris

Two people find love while getting lost in the streets of Paris.


An artist and a writer fall in love while collaborating on a project.

Sign My Yearbook

Two high school sweethearts reunite and rekindle their love years later.

A Leap of Faith

A basejumper takes a chance on a new relationship after being hurt in the past.

Let the Hotties Hit the Floor

Two dancers fall in love while competing against each other.

The Sweetest Romance

A pastry chef falls for a food critic who is not easily impressed.

Unexpected Love

Two people find love when they least expect it.


A couple falls in love while exploring the beautiful countryside of Italy.

The Love Experiment

A scientist conducts a social experiment on love and ends up falling for her subject.

The Perfect Match

Two people are set up on a blind date and discover they are the perfect match.

A Message to You, Judy

A woman receives a love letter from a stranger and goes on a journey to find out who wrote it.