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I'm too scared to write this description. Just kidding! Get your spine tingling with our selection of horror flicks.

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The call that checked out this tape right now CAME FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. Maybe choose another movie.

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You're really having a murder of a time finding a tape that's not out. Sorry this one is too. Look again?

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Don't kill me, but someone just checked this one out too. Why not go for broke with one more?

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Every night after we close and I have to turn off the light in the adults only room, I get a chill. It's like passing through a cold spot. After that, I feel like someone is watching me. I have to count down the register but I can feel someone or something standing behind me in the dark...

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Samantha, one of the other rental associates, says that when they built this place they found the remains one of those lost British soldiers but she is an unrepentant liar. I bet she's going to be a great screenwriter someday...

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Once, as I was shutting off the lights before walking out, I did think I saw someone standing in the corner. They could have been British but it was probably just my shadow, I guess. Sometimes the scariest things in life are the things you forget to see. Or the things you wish were real but aren't. I think I'd love to see a ghost but I'm afraid it'd change me. Besides, who'd believe me? Not my brother. Apparently he's too busy with other people.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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Maybe Horror isn't your speed. Maybe get something more romantic over in Rom-Com

Midnight Manor

A group of friends visit an abandoned mansion and encounter supernatural horrors.


A group of college students conduct a dangerous experiment with a haunted object.

I Want My Mummy

A group of archaeologists disturb an ancient burial site and awaken an evil force.

Next Stop: Terror

A group of passengers on a train become the targets of a mysterious killer.

The Cabin

A group of friends stay at a remote cabin and fall prey to a vengeful spirit.

Nightmare Road

A couple's road trip takes a terrifying turn when they encounter a hitchhiker with a story to tell.

Dark Water

A woman and her daughter move into a new apartment and discover a dark secret lurking in the water.

The Possessed Doll

A young girl's new doll has a sinister secret that puts her family in danger.

Graveyard Shift

An overnight shift at a haunted workplace turns deadly for the workers.


A family moves into a new home and is tormented by a malevolent spirit.

Scream Park

A group of friends visit an abandoned amusement park and become the targets of a sadistic killer.

The Possessed Mirror

A family inherits a cursed mirror that brings their worst nightmares to life.

Whispers in the Dark

A woman moves to a small town to start over but soon realizes that she's being watched by someone who knows all of her secrets.

This Wasn't a Good Idea

A group of friends explore an abandoned asylum and awaken a vengeful ghost.

Don't Go In the Woods!!

A woman searches for her missing sister in a haunted forest filled with deadly spirits.

What Remains Hidden

The ghost of a British infantryman wrecks havoc on an unsuspecting family.

The Haunting of Hillside Manor

A family moves into a new home and discovers that it is haunted by a malevolent presence.


Hikers venture into an uncharted forest, only to realize too late that it's home to a monster that preys on their faces.