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Family Films

Time with the kids is special, we know this at Question Mark Video, and so we've chosen only the best and most wholesome films for that family time.

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Hey sport, it's just not your day, huh? This one just got checked out. Try again, buddy.

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Ah nuts, this tape just got checked out by that nice boy down the street. Maybe choose a different one?

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Gee willikers, what luck you're having. Wish on a star and I bet the next video will be available.

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My brother has turned his mind off to me. We're twins; technically he's my older brother but only by two and a half minutes but, in the past, we've been able to share our thoughts, not on purpose, almost always, by accident. But I never had the feeling I was alone...

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We also used to practice magic together. We did magic shows in our backyard for other kids. When we were thirteen, we started doing magic at other kids' parties...

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But now that he's dating Lindsay Dublowski, he's given that up too. I feel more alone now than a person without a twin ever would.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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Trouble on Planet Whizz

A group of kids take a trip to space and embark on a mission to save an alien planet from destruction.

Escape from Fairy Woods

Two siblings stumble upon an enchanted forest and meet magical creatures who help them find their way back home.

Time Kids

A group of friends find a time machine and travel back in time to ancient civilizations, learning valuable lessons along the way.

X Marks the Fun

A young adventurer sets out on a treasure hunt to find a lost treasure and discovers the true meaning of friendship.

My Secret Garden

A lonely girl discovers a secret garden and transforms it into a beautiful place, making new friends and discovering the power of hope.

The Witchup

A young witch swaps bodies with an evil witch leading to a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse as they assume each other's identities.

Deep Water

A group of kids explore the underwater world, meeting new friends and learning about marine life.

The Mystery of Fog Island

A group of kids get stranded on a mysterious island and uncover its secrets, while learning the importance of teamwork and trust.

Aladdin's Race

Two siblings find a magical flying carpet and travel across the world, experiencing different cultures and making new friends.

A Dark and Stormy Knight

A group of kids become knights and embark on a quest to save a kingdom from a wicked sorcerer.

We Bought a Circus

A group of kids pool their money to buy a traveling circus and put on a spectacular show while learning about the importance of perseverance and hard work.

Orbit Kids

A group of kids visit a space station and must work together to fix a malfunctioning system and save the crew.

Mrs Tabitha's Ghost

Two siblings spend a night in a haunted house and solve the mystery of its ghostly inhabitant.

Preteen Wolf

An 11-year-old girl discovers her extraordinary ability to transform into a wolf, navigating the challenges of middle school with a furry twist.

Down Under

A group of kids go on an Australian adventure and learn about the beauty of wildlife conservation.

Dragon Isle

A young adventurer sets out on a journey to find a legendary island and meets friendly dragons along the way.

Society X

A group of kids discover a secret society and unravel its mysteries while learning about the importance of trust and loyalty.


A group of kangaroos become pirates and set sail on a quest to find hidden treasure and save a kidnapped friend.