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Need something spicy to set the mood? Question Mark Video's Adults Only section boasts Southeastern Ohio's largest collection of occupation-themed pornography.

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One night last week I was stuck at work and I tried to read my twin brother's thoughts and I knew he was out with Lindsay Dublowski doing who knows what and I tried to read his mind but he had blocked it somehow and I shouted and a DVD fell off one of the shelves and it was some horror movie titled 'What Remains Hidden' and then I put it into the DVD player and I saw something I wish I hadn't.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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The Night Watchman

A security guard discovers more than just petty theft on his rounds.

The Handyman

A man with a certain set of skills makes house calls.

The Pool Boy

A young man finds himself in over his head when he takes a summer job.

The Massage Therapist

A professional rubs more than just muscles the right way.

The Baker's Dozen

A woman gets more than just a dozen donuts when she visits her favorite bakery.

The Plumber's Crack

A repairman shows off his skills and a little more.

The Private Eye

A detective uncovers a mystery that's a little too close to home.

The Maid Service

A cleaning crew goes above and beyond for their clients.

The College Professor

A student gets some extra credit from her professor.

The Delivery Man

A courier brings more than just packages to his customers.

The Cable Guy

A technician knows how to keep his customers entertained.

The Window Washer

A worker gets an eyeful while on the job.

The Fitness Instructor

A trainer helps his clients sweat out more than just calories.

The Gardener

A landscaper knows how to properly tend to the bushes.

The Piano Teacher

A music instructor knows how to tickle the ivories in more ways than one.

The Lifeguard

This lifeguard knows how to rescue more than just drowning victims.

The Tailor

A seamster knows how to make sure his clients are well-fitted in every way.

The Mechanic

An auto repairman is always ready to rev up more than just engines.

The Handyman

A jack-of-all-trades knows how to handle all the little odd jobs, including the ones in the bedroom.

The Barber

A hair stylist knows how to give his clients more than just a close shave.

The Photographer

This photographer knows how to capture the perfect... shot.

The Chef

This chef knows how to cook up more than just a great meal.