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I live a life of action and adventure, but only in my mind. Right now I am stuck behind the counter for another four hours and wondering if anyone will ever find these comments...

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Whenever I've had the chance to do something brave, I always walk away. One month ago, my twin brother Parker and I were eating in the high school cafeteria and talking about this awesome anime series we both had been watching about a ghost when, out of nowhere, this senior, Lloyd Friend, walked up and started hassling Lindsay Dublowski at another table. Lloyd was commenting on Lindsay's mode of dress, which is not something anyone in 2023 should do...

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Before I even know what was happening my brother was already on his feet and getting in Lloyd’s face and then Lloyd punched Parker in the stomach and I felt it too, even though I was still sitting at the table, and then some teachers escorted Lloyd to detention and Lindsay was helping Parker up asking if he was okay and it was then the imaginary action-adventure series of my life fell apart.

—Dash Holland, Rental Associate

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Rogue Operation

An ex-soldier is forced to go on a mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal organization.

Bulletproof Redemption

A cop tries to clear his name and take down a corrupt police department.


A hitman teams up with a detective to take down a drug cartel.

Final Assault

A special forces team is sent on a suicide mission to stop a terrorist group.

In the Realm of the Shadow Warrior

A martial arts expert takes on a powerful crime syndicate.

Deadly Pursuit

A woman is pursued by a psychopathic killer and must fight to survive.


A hacker is blackmailed into stealing government secrets and must race against time to save his family.

Get Agent Jack McCabe!

A CIA agent goes rogue and must stop a terrorist plot before it's too late.


A rugged ex-cop turns into a werewolf to battle an ancient evil organization and save humanity

It's Urban Justice, Yo

A streetwise vigilante takes on a corrupt city government and its violent enforcers.

Desert Heat

A former mercenary comes out of retirement to rescue a kidnapped girl from a dangerous drug lord.

Deathmatch 3: Deathmatchier

A group of strangers are forced to fight to the death in an underground arena.

On Your Marksmen, Get Set, Go!

A group of elite snipers compete to take down a high-value target.


A rogue cop teams up with a Bigfoot to avenge his partner's death and take down a powerful drug lord.


A former CIA agent must clear his name and stop a terrorist attack on New York City.

You Killed My Family, Prepare to Die

A man seeks revenge against the drug cartel who killed his family.

Mission Critical

A group of special forces soldiers must stop a nuclear bomb from detonating in a major city.


A team of firefighters must battle a raging wildfire while dealing with personal conflicts.